3M is a global innovation company, with more than 90,000 employees and offices in 70 countries. As a company, we are proud that our products improve daily life for millions of people worldwide. A few of our best-known brands include Post-it®, Scotch®, and Nexcare™. 3M innovative solutions come with 70 years of experience creating products for the U.S. armed forces including soldier protection as body armors, respiratory protection, hearing protection and more.

3M is a strong, stable, award-winning company with a culture of camaraderie. We act with uncompromising honesty and integrity. We offer many career paths that span a wide variety of industries. Here, you can stay local or go global. We promote leadership excellence. Here, your potential is unlimited. Here, we help you with your new career.

We are always looking for top talent job candidates, and we recognize that military veterans, service members, and spouses have skills and experience we can’t find just anywhere. Here, strategic thinking, leadership, execution and teamwork skills are in high demand – and are rewarded. We want you to join us, because we have learned that military veterans make 3M a better company. Our Military Support Network provides active support and outreach to veterans and their families, including scholarships, professional development, a military speaker series, and networking opportunities.

3M is a proud sponsor of an interactive movie to help veterans, their families and employers address the challenges of transitioning from active-duty service to meaningful civilian employment. Watch the movie trailers here: http://reinventingmichaelbanks.com/play