Did you know that about one in every 13 U.S. employees at GE is a veteran? The VN was created to help veterans build successful civilian careers at GE, provide support to reservists and their families during deployment, and much more. We are dedicated to investing in our veteran talent at GE as well as serving the local and national veteran community.

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Advanced Manufacturing

In the future of advanced manufacturing, machines connected to the Industrial Internet will be smarter. And companies will combine advanced manufacturing techniques with big data analytics to make intelligent decisions that increase efficiencies and lower costs. As a digital industrial company, GE is helping to build that future. Are you ready to help us bring world-changing ideas to life?

“Through a culture of trust and candor married with smart tools and brilliant technology, we are creating radical transformation without compromise!”
Emily, Technology, GE Power

From electric vehicles on the ground to rockets in space, a range of industries are already benefitting from advanced manufacturing — innovative technologies and processes that are set to transform nearly every sector.

Imagine a world of full of machines manufacturing anything we desire on-demand, where robots attend to workers’ every need. Welcome to the future of advanced manufacturing — a hybrid of technologies and processes that manufactures goods through the use of innovative technologies.

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